International Declaration of People’s Movements and Organizations in solidarity with the Anti-Racist Rebellion in the United States


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We firmly denounce the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department and demand full and uncompromising justice for his family. We join the call and demand for justice of thousands of families across the United States who have lost someone to police violence.

We express our resounding support to the people of the United States who, throughout their history, have resisted racism. We stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands who are currently protesting and repudiate the narratives being shaped by corporate media labeling protestors “terrorists” and “looters” to criminalize the movement. This is part of a tactic to delegitimize the protests and divide the people.

These wide protests have led to an anti-racist rebellion which has further exposed the deep racist character of the American State to the world. It’s a systemic and historical injustice that pervades all of society and has counted with the active cooperation of the major parties, corporations, and the mass media.

Racism has always been at the heart of the social, economic, and political system of the United States. We repudiate the historical and continued use of racism and the system of white supremacy as a means to uphold a class society that exploits and oppresses the most vulnerable communities.

We know that to eradicate the monster of racism, the systemic murder of Black people and all these crises will require an end to capitalism and a complete transformation of society. The people of the United States have embarked on this road by mobilizing on an unprecedented scale across the country.

We reject Trump’s response, which has been to call for protesters to be shot down and declaring war on the people and their right to protest by invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807. This act has allowed the US government to send the military to become enforcers of law and order and repress this new movement, as it did in 1992 during the LA uprisings.

The American bourgeoisie, including both Democrats and Republicans, have facilitated Trump’s attacks on protesters and the imposition of unjust curfews that are being used to justify mass arrests of people exercising their rights. The curfews strengthen the police state and normalize police violence, which is focused on the thousands of people who are joining this anti-racist rebellion.

We join the call of people’s movements for the U.S. government to defund and divest from militarism and police terror, and invest in the needed infrastructure to address the growing socio-economic needs of the American people.

We condemn the complicit silence of many allied governments of the US around the world who have failed to denounce the murder of George Floyd as a hate crime perpetrated by the state, and the military repression against hundreds of thousands of protesters as a massive violation of human rights.

It is not a coincidence that this anti-racist rebellion of the people occurs during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has brought out multiple crises in American society and are now converging. There is a public health crisis due to the complete failure of the government to prepare or even respond adequately, which has led to the deaths of over 100,000 people. There is an economic crisis with over 40 million people left unemployed, of which 16 million jobs are expected to be permanently eliminated, and a wave of evictions on the horizon. During this period of crisis, lockdown, and uncertainty for 140 million poor people in the United States, the assets of the billionaires have grown by $434 billion.

Today, the peoples of Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe affirm that we are united in the same struggle against the government of the United States, which represses and murders black communities and invades, sanctions, and plunders countries around the world. The state that declared war on the people of the United States is the same that has waged the imperialist war on the people of the world.

June 6th, 2020.



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  1. Algeria - Ligue Algérienne pour la Défense des Droits de l.Homme
  2. Iraq - Iraqi Women Forum
  3. Jordan - Collective of Workers Unity
  4. Jordan - Democratic Peoples’ Party of Jordan
  5. Jordan - Jordanian Peoples’ Democratic Party
  6. Jordan - League of Democratic Youth
  7. Jordan - League of Democratic Youth
  8. Morocco - Democratic Way
  9. Morocco - Youth of Democratic Way
  10. Palestine - DFLP - Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  11. Palestine - Palestinian Democratic Youth Union
  12. Palestine - PPP - Palestinian Peoples Party
  13. Palestine - The Palestinian Democratic Women Organization
  14. Tunisia - Equality Association
  15. Tunisia - Tunisian Workers ́ Party
  16. Tunisia - Union of Tunisian Communist Youth


  1. Bangladesh - Adivasi Samity
  2. Bangladesh - Bakolight Labor Union
  3. Bangladesh - Bangladesh Labor Federation
  4. Bangladesh - Bangladesh Youth Association
  5. Bangladesh - Bhumiheen Samity
  6. Bangladesh - Floating Labor Union
  7. Bangladesh - Floating Women Labor Union
  8. Bangladesh - Ganochhaya Sanskrit Kendro
  9. Bangladesh - Kishani Sabha
  10. Bangladesh - Krishok Federation
  11. Bangladesh - Rural Intellectuals Front
  12. Bangladesh - Workers Party of Bangladesh
  13. India - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation
  14. Nepal - Nepal Communist Party


  1. Austria - International Council of the World Social Forum
  2. Bosnia-Hezergovina - Center for Youth KVART Prijedor
  3. Catalunya - CATAC - Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya
  4. Catalunya - Coordinadora Obrera Sindical
  5. Catalunya - CUP - Candidatura d'Unitat Popular
  6. Euskal Herria - Askapena
  7. Euskal Herria - Emakumeen Mundu Martxa
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  13. Ghana - Socialist Forum of Ghana
  14. Guatemala - Union Sindical de Trabajadores de Guatemala-UNSITRAGUA HISTORICA
  15. Hungary - ATTAC Hungary Association
  16. Hungary - Eszmelet Budapest
  17. Hungary - Karl Marx Society
  18. Ireland - Ógra Shinn Féin
  19. Italy - Associazione Amig@s Mst-Italia
  20. Italy - AWMR Italia - Donne della Regione Mediterranea
  21. Italy - Partito della Rifondazione Comunista – Sinistra Europea
  22. Italy - PCI - Partito Comunista Italiano
  23. Italy - Potere al Popolo!
  24. Italy - Young Communists (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista)
  25. Norway - Latin-Amerikagruppene i Norge
  26. Norway - Norwegian Committee in Solidarity with Latin-America in Bergen
  27. Partido de la Izquierda Europea (European Left Party)
  28. Portugal - Confederação Nacional da Agricultura
  29. Russia - Council of Workers of Moscow
  30. Russia - Russian Communist Party – Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  31. Russia - Russian United Labour Front
  32. Russia - Vanguard of Red Youth of Labour Russia
  33. Russia - Venceremos Movement
  34. Slovenia - Levica (The Left)
  35. Spain - Izquierda Unida de España
  36. Spain - Movimiento Democrático de Mujeres
  37. Spain - PCE - Partido Comunista de España
  38. Spain - Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores
  39. Spain - Socialismo 21


  1. Argentina - Corriente Peronista Descamisados
  2. Argentina - CTA-Autonoma - Central de Trabajadorxs de la Argentina
  3. Argentina - Federación de Cooperativas Autogestionarias MOI
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  13. Cuba - Central de Trabajadores de Cuba
  14. Cuba - CMLK - Centro Memorial Martin Luther King Jr
  15. Cuba - Colectivo La Tizza
  16. Cuba - Disamis Arcia Muñoz, Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de La Habana
  17. Cuba - Fernando Luis Rojas López, Instituto Cubano de Investigación Cultural Juan Marinello
  18. Dominican Republic - Articulación Nacional Campesina
  19. Dominican Republic - Movimiento de Campesinos Trabajadores las Comunidades Unidas
  20. Ecuador - FEDAEPS - Fundación de Estudios, Acción y Participación Social
  21. Ecuador - Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity
  22. Ecuador - REMTE - Red de Mujeres Transformando la Economia
  23. El Salvador - Asociación Santa Marta ADES
  24. Guatemala - Alianza Política Sector de Mujeres Guatemala
  25. Guatemala - CUC - Comité de Unidad Campesina
  26. Honduras - Mujeres Socialistas de Honduras
  27. Mexico-ALAI-AgenciaLatinoamericanadeInformación
  28. Mexico - Comité 68 Pro Libertades Democráticas
  29. Mexico - Comité de Derechos Humanos de Base de Chiapas Digna Ochoa
  30. Mexico - Jóvenes ante la Emergencia Nacional
  31. Mexico - Movimiento de Liberación Nacional
  32. Mexico - MST/México - Movimiento Social por la Tierra
  33. Mexico - Nueva Constituyente Ciudadana Popular
  34. Mexico - Nuevo País
  35. Mexico - Observatorio Latinoamericano de Geopolítica
  36. Movimiento Centroamericano 2 de marzo
  37. Nicaragua - Coordinadora Nacional de Oficiales en Retiro por la Paz
  38. Peru - Acción Política Socialista
  39. Peru - Alba Movimientos - Capítulo Perú
  40. Peru - Juventud Comunista del Perú - Patria Roja
  41. Peru - Juventud Comunista Patria Roja
  42. Peru-LaJunta
  43. Peru - Movimiento Comunitario Alfa y Omega
  44. Peru-MundoVerde
  45. Peru - Norte Progresista
  46. Peru - Todas Somos Micaelas
  47. Puerto Rico - Comuna Caribe-Puerto Rico
  48. Venezuela - ASGDRe - Alianza Sexo-Género Diversa Revolucionaria
  49. Venezuela - CRBZ - Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora
  50. Venezuela - Plataforma Comunicacional Feminista "La 5ta Ola"
  51. Venezuela - Red Afrodescendientes de Venezuela


  1. United States - PEP - Popular Education Project


  1. Benin-UMOJA-LiguePanafricaine
  2. Democratic Republic of the Congo - Il est Temps
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo - Mouvement Social BISO PEUPLE
  4. Democratic Republic of the Congo - Quatrième Voie
  5. Kenya - AUKMW - Amalgamated Union of Kenya Metal Workers
  6. Kenya-RevolutionarySocialistLeague
  7. Mauritania-NasstatiaMovement
  8. Mozambique - ADECRU - Accao Academica para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Rurais
  9. PAT - Pan Africanism Today
  10. South Africa - Abahlali baseMjondolo
  11. South Africa - SRWP - Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party
  12. Tanzania - Issa Shivji, Professor Emeritus in Public Law & First Julius Nyerere Professor of Pan- African Studies
  13. Tanzania - Tanzania Socialist Forum
  14. Zambia - Socialist Party of Zambia