Declaration in solidarity with the Palestinian People


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On January 28th, 2020, US President Donald Trump announced the political part of the so-called "deal of the century". This political plan seeks to exterminate the Palestinian cause and terminate the historic rights of the Palestinian people for self-determination, building their independent Palestinian state, and the return of Palestinian refugees.

Within the clauses of the “deal of the century” the recognition the sovereignty of the Zionist entity over the Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is established. This assault has been preceded by a series of actions to impose this claim, such as the transfer of the United States embassy to Al-Quds (Jerusalem) which is a flagrant violation of international laws and treaties.

Additionally, the deal’s recognition of the legality of settlements in the West Bank constitutes a prelude to the preparation for the annexation of other parts of the Palestinian lands.

This has been concretized in the “Annexation Plan” of the Zionist regime which would see the further illegal annexation of land in Area C of the West Bank where illegal settlements have been built. The proposed area to be annexed would be somewhere around 30% of the land in the West Bank. According to statements made by Benjamin Netanyahu the annexation will take place on July 1. Benny Gantz, Israel’s new defense minister and future prime minister, has asked the military to be prepared for the planned annexation. The annexation plan is in complete violation of international agreements and law, and unsurprisingly has received full support of Donald Trump.

Similarly, neighboring countries were not spared from this imperialist American-Zionist attack. The Zionist supremacy was declared over the Jordan Valley and the Syrian Golan.

In the context of the American role in suppressing the historical rights of the Palestinian people, the US Congress presented a bill aimed at re-defining the "Palestinian refugee", which reduces the number of refugees from more than 5 millions to only 40,000.

Additionally, the Zionist regime has always been a core pillar for the aggression against the peoples of the Arab-Maghreb to ensure the domination of Western imperialism over the region and deprive it of its self-determination.


  1. We strongly condemn this colonial plan which threatens the right of the Palestinian people to exist.
  2. We express our unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people and its right to struggle against the occupation by all legitimate means.
  3. We call upon all the peoples of the world and all anti-imperialist movements to support the right of Palestinian people for self-determination, to mobilize against the "deal of the century", “The Annexation Plan” and all the imperialist actions which target our peoples.

June 29, 2020

International Secretariat of the International Peoples’ Assembly