International Day of Solidarity with Haiti – March 29


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Haiti is once again experiencing a deep crisis. Today, a central element of this crisis is the struggle against the dictatorship imposed by ex-president Jovenel Moïse who finished his presidential mandate on February 7 of this year. However, he refuses to leave office, and has the support of US imperialism and the Organization of American States.

This is why a broad majority of the population is out on the streets, week after week, engaged in the struggle to put an end to this regime, and calling for the hard-won Constitution of March 29, 1987 – which came into effect following the defeat of the Duvaillier dictatorship – to be respected.

This institutional crisis takes place amid a wave of violence which has seen attacks on journalists, several massacres in poor neighborhoods, assassinations and arbitrary detentions of opposition activists, the arrest of a judge of the Supreme Court and the creation of hundreds of armed groups that sow terror across national territory and respond to those in power.

It is crucial to highlight the extremely negative role of the military occupation by the United Nations troops through MINUSTAH as well as the prolongation of the state of guardianship through MINUJUSTH and the BINUH that are also responsible for the social and political crisis in Haiti.

This is why in support the struggle of the Haitian people, we call on organizations, parties, trade unions, people’s movements, networks and all those who identify with the people who struggle against imperialist and dictatorial oppression in any part of the world, to manifest their solidarity on March 29 by:

  1. Carrying out rallies in symbolic places in our countries such as US or Haitian embassies (where they exist), or the headquarters of the UN the OAS etc
  2. Participating in a campaign on social media with photos and videos using the hashtags: #NoDictatorshipInHaiti, #DownWithUSImperialism, #LongLiveHaiti
  3. Signing and presenting petitions and letters to government institutions in each country condemning the situation in Haiti and demanding that they do not recognize the dictatorial government of Moïse. Add the signature of your organization, here by March 28: https://forms.gle/​nuKPsiAkgzrpCw34A

Please send reports, photos and videos of the rallies carried out in each country to secretaria@albamovimientos.​org.br.

Only the Haitian people can decide their future, without dictatorships and imperialist interventions. Enough imperialist meddling in Haiti! We support democracy and sovereignty.

#NoDictatorshipInHaiti #DownWithUSImperialism #LongLiveHaiti